Owners of Golfcart Rental Bonaire

We are Golfcart Rental Bonaire.

Golfcart Rental Bonaire is a young professional owned and operated business. We proudly service tourists and locals on bonaire with clean and reliable golf carts for rent. We love to provide our customers fun, safe and convenient access to all the nice things Bonaire has to offer.

We now only have two seater golf carts available and we are growing rapidly. Soon we will also be servicing licenced and insured four and six seater golfcarts. We are locally owned and operated and are known for exceptional customer service.

We are proud professionals that have build a reputation on bonaire on excellent customer service. At golfcart rental bonaire you can expect an added personal touch, offering tips, ideas, information, and advice to help you make the most out of your stay on Bonaire.