A bonaire travel guide to help you plan your trip with your rental golfcart.

At golfcart rental bonaire you can expect an added personal touch, offering tips, ideas, information, and advice to help you make the most out of your stay on Bonaire. On our blog section we provide our ultimate tips of things to with your golfcart.

Top 10 bucketlist things to do with a golfcart on Bonaire

We have such a short time for holidays in our lifes. That’s why a bucket list—or a list of things you want to do can really help you live life during your holiday to the fullest

Top 15 best restaurants to have dinner on Bonaire

These top 15 best restaurants you definitely do not want to miss out on. You have to plan your reservations carefully if you are only on the island for a week. Choose some for lunch and dinner and your holiday will be super tasty.

The 5 most romantic things to do on bonaire

Consider one of these romantic activities during your holiday on Bonaire when you want to make your quality time together even more memorable. This blogpost contains the ultimate list of fun activities, romantic date ideas and unique things to do during your holiday with your partner.