Top 10 bucketlist things to do with a golfcart on Bonaire

We have such a short time for holidays in our lifes. That’s why a bucket list—or a list of things you want to do can really help you live life during your holiday to the fullest.

Go kitesurfing on the flattest water with good wind and noone on the water.
  1. Drive around the south of Bonaire The south coast of bonaire is beautiful. You drive on a street in between the beautiful pink salt lakes and the azure blue water of the Caribbean Sea.

  2. snorkeling at the salt pier During your drive to the south you will pass by the Salt pier. A couple of times a month a ship will be docked at the salt pier. At this time you are nog allowed to go into the water. All the other days you can. At the salt pier there is a really big chance you are able to swim or snorkel with turtles!

  3. Drive around the north coast of Bonaire The North coast has a complete different view as the south coast. You will drive a both higher on the rocks and have a beautiful view over the Caribbean Sea.

  4. snorkeling at 1000 steps During your drive through the north coast of Bonaire you will pass by 1000 steps. It is called 1000 steps because

  5. Donkey sanctuary

  6. Visit sorrobon

  7. Drive through the capital city Kralendijk and get an ice cream at gio’s or Luciano

  8. Spot flamingo’s at the goto meer

  9. Do a street colors Bonaire tour Street Colors Bonaire

  10. Have lunch in rincon as a local . We recommend posada para Mira!